What Is A District Leader?

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District Leaders, whose official title is: Westchester County Committee person, are members of the Democratic Party who have been elected to this internal office.  It is strictly a Democratic Party position, not a public office.  Two District Leaders are assigned to each Electoral District – often, but not always, in their home  district.

A District Leader’s [DL] function is to “get out the vote.”  Before a party primary, general election, or referendum, DLs use various techniques to reach the voters. Most Village, Town, County, State and U.S. candidates will need petitions signed by their constituents.  DLs will carry these and get signatures.

If the Westchester County Democratic Committee has a convention, the DLs are the delegates, and cast a weighted vote.

On a local level, Irvington DLs identify potential candidates for the Village Mayor, Justice and Board of Trustees.  They will select and support the nominees for these positions.

Irvington Village DLs are on the Executive Committee of the Town of Greenburgh.

Most DLs work on political campaigns.



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